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Totes Worth It

At Sound and Show we try to be very competitive with our rates and still bring you professional top-notch service. We base our prices on a variety of things including your lighting needs, location of event, number of guests, as well as extra equipment and microphone needs. Larger venues with more people obviously require more speakers and some events are so large that we have to hire assistants to help us setup and tear down, however, our base prices are below.

Wedding DJ

Weddings are one of the most important events in your life so you should not trust just anyone to DJ your event. There is actually quite a bit of skill in making a party fun without being annoying. Plus, we use Bose Speakers and AKG Wireless Microphones that are high quality and sound amazing.

$200 – $300 Per Hour

Karaoke DJ

This includes 2 Wireless Microphones and a monitor so that your singers can read the words while they are singing. We also bring 3 Song Books that have our library of songs so people can flip through them and select a song that they might want to sing. Our Database of Karaoke has over 50,000 songs in it and we update it monthly.

$250 – $350 Per Hour

Event DJ

We can handle all types of events from corporate barbecues to daddy daughter dances. If your event needs a speaker system to make announcements and keep the party hopping, we can make that happen. We are also able to help out with city events, triathlon races, festivals and other large group events.

$150 – $300 Per Hour

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