Eddie Renz

Owner Eddie Renz has been DJing for over 8 years. For 2 years he was a Mavs Maniaac with the Dallas Mavericks and just enjoys getting a party going. There has never been a group that he couldn’t get up on their feet.


Drew Smith

Drew Smith a.ka. “The Face” has been DJing for two years with Eddie Renz. He specializes in working the crowd and the dance floor. With loads of personality and great people skills Drew is always a hit at every event that we DJ.

We are the Dynamic Duo

What sets us apart from most DJ’s is that we don’t just stay hidden behind the DJ booth. We love to interact with the crowd and do the occasional Wobble or Cupid Shuffle with the crowd. We really love to have a good time and that is why we are in this business.┬áThe biggest part of being a good DJ is understanding people and giving them exactly what they want. That is what I do. I give the people what they want and what they always want is a great time.


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