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Brad and Monica Wedding Videography

Brad and Monica Wedding Videography
March 25, 2013 Eddie Renz

If you are looking for a great wedding video then please give Brad and Monica a call. You will not be disappointed.

Random Fact from Owner Brad Eggerton: I have a passion for independent filmmaking. I wrote and directed the 2009 feature-length indie thriller “The Fifth” starring Larry Jack Dotson (“Bernie”) and Jim Blumetti (USA’s “The Good Guys”). My approach to wedding filmmaking is the same as it is for a feature length film – the STORY is so important! Production quality and visuals are where you start, but what you build on top of that is a solid story that viewers will find intriguing.

We have DJ’d a number of weddings with Brad and Monica Eggerton and they are professional and fun to work with – the best combination.